10 Bullshit-Free Reasons to Hire us.

1 The screwball who founded our firm bleached and ironed his shoelaces as a kid.

It's that crazy kind of attention to detail we'll bring to the work we do for you.

2 "So many people rave about the campaign that I have to hide at cocktail parties."

- John Lichtenberg, Walsh College client.

3 You won't blend in.

This is something we'll ensure to our last dying Sharpie®.

4 We get up to speed fast.

We're not as dumb as we look.

5 We believe award shows aren't worth a single minute taken away from your business.

6 We've gotten pretty darn good at saying mre wth lss.

7 We've made people cry during a presentation. and stand up and applaud.

(Separate meetings).

8 There's a pretty good chance we've been there and done that.

When you've completed 17,498* projects in the last 28** years, there's not much we haven't done.

*We made up that number. **This one's accurate.

9 We love 'em all.

Shoes, exercise equipment, books, stereos, truck axles, golf balls, software, hotels, casinos, medical products, hospice care. We've worked on all of 'em and will gladly work on more. B2C or B2B? Doesn't matter. It's all about striking a nerve.

10 We'd rather get people saying good things about you than about us.