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Account Services

We're looking for a really good account person. Someone who loves the agency business and loves being part of a team. This person will have at least 3 years of ad agency experience. Probably more. At Perich, you'll work on multiple accounts at once. Plus some project work from time to time. The more experienced you are, the more we'll expect of you.

We’re looking for quick learners and solid writers. A detail-oriented person who takes pride in learning their clients' businesses, making other people's jobs easier, and getting to the point quickly.

For those who don't know Perich well, we're not big (about 25 people). We handle advertising (both creative and media of all sorts) and design work, and have a pretty good creative reputation. We're in Ann Arbor. Family owned, in a good way.

Like most smaller shops, we don't have account people who focus exclusively on automotive or health care or financial services or digital or B2B or direct mail or golf. But we do all those things. If you know your way around an agency, and are good at what you do, please get in touch.

Email us at jobs@perich.com







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