Us We the people

Brad Jurgensen Brad Jurgensen

Least favorite word: Saleabration

Brad Lutz Brad Lutz

Guilty pleasure: Overpriced beer

Candace Hunerberg Candace Hunerberg

Little known fact: Attended clown school

Carol Austin Carol Austin

Guilty pleasure: Neil Sedaka

Carol Mooradian Carol Mooradian

Brush with fame: Talked about the color blue with Billie Jean King

Carol Poholsky Carol Poholsky

Movies I can't turn off: The Goonies, Stand by Me, Dazed and Confused

Chuck Mahnken Chuck Mahnken

Brush with fame: Peed next to Carrot Top

Craig Dunaway Craig Dunaway

Brush with fame: Lost to Pete Townshend in Space Invaders

Dan Sygar Dan Sygar

Brush with fame: meeting Pete Rose in the nude


Eric Campbell Eric Campbell

Little know fact: Cared for exotic animals at a zoo.

Ernie Perich Ernie Perich

Brush with fame: Got insulted by Don Rickles

Hilary Lynch Hilary Lynch

Little known fact: Since age 7, hasn’t left town without her cat, Bootsy.

Jeff Lutch Jeff Lutch

Brush with fame: Had an altercation with Terrell Owens

Lisa Climer Lisa Climer

Guilty pleasure: Peeps and gumdrops

Matt Mordarski Matt Mordarski

Movie I can't turn off: Road House

Natasha Keasey Natasha Keasey

Guilty pleasure:  Celebrity gossip

Sandy Schewe Sandy Schewe

Brush with fame: Looks like Claire Danes

Sarah Dolan Sarah Dolan

Brush with fame: Was a backup dancer for Mariah Carey at a Lions game.

Sarah Frantz Sarah Frantz

Brush with fame: Appeared on news for extreme couponing

Shirley Perich Shirley Perich

Guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives (all cities)

Yogi Yogi

Guilty pleasure: Butt sniffing